Stay Tuned showcase the bustling and vibrant Luxembourg music scene

Saturday night saw Stay Tuned Interviews, one of Luxembourg’s finest music websites, host its first festival by celebrating some of the best music the country has to offer at Kulturfabrik.

Since 2014 Stay Tuned Interviews has brought us interviews, news, videos, photos and articles about music within the country as well as covering international acts passing through. Their dedicated team behind the website brought together their Season Closing Party at Kulturfabrik on Saturday to celebrate the end of another successful year for the website and what better way to celebrate than host a mini festival, bringing together six of the finest act in Luxembourg all under one roof.

Opening the night was the pop punk of District 7 who brought their three chord songs structures and catchy melodies to the Kufa. Their high octane sound was the perfect way to get the evening going as frontman Julien Binda even managed to entice the crowd into a mass clap along, which is no mean feat when you’re on stage at 7pm. Taking the early slot in their stride, they whipped up the eager early arrivals and set the tone for the night ahead.

Following straight after was Tuys, the indie four piece who continue to look to go from strength to strength with another fully accomplished performance. Their ever-growing and zealous fan base were already waiting front and centre for them to take to the stage, ready to sing back every word of their catchy choruses and dance along to their upbeat indie riffs. This blend of pop hooks and indie charm allow Tuys to straddle a fan base that covers the teenagers in the crowd to the more seasoned concert goers. After last years successful EP launch, many in the crowd look keen to hear what they’ll deliver on their debut album whenever it might appear.


After the indie of Tuys it was up to Antifragile to continue on the good vibes as they brought their blend of math rock to the Kufa, merging atmospheric soundscapes with the blistering math rock back drop. Frontman Victor brought about a slightly theatrical vocal delivery which in itself was delivered with verve and passion. Their switching up of time signatures and ability to flow from genre to genre even within the same song kept their set intriguing and certainly added a welcome change of pace to the evening.

After another short turn around, Seed To Tree took to the stage and their infectious melodic indie folk brought the crowd in from the cold night air and even managed to entice some of those hardy souls propping up the bar into the main hall. Along with songs from their well received debut album they played a number of new tracks which went down a treat and has given their fans even more reason to get excited about the coming year and the prospect of a follow up album. Frontman Georges Goerens continued to show off his new found flair as he jumped the barriers into the crowd and ran to the sound desk before clambering on top of it to sing back over the crowd toward the band on the stage. With the band able to bring showmanship as well as a high quality of songs to the table, it shows why they are one of the brightest prospects to break out into the international market.

Taking the sound into the ska reggae direction was The Disliked who brought a whole lot of fun and energy to proceedings as the 6-piece band all danced around the stage whilst their infectious grooves seeped out into the crowd who found their dancing shoes and joined in. It’s quite hard not to get swept up in their good time vibes as you could tell there was as much fun happening onstage as there was off it, with wide beaming smiles and laughter coming from all over. With the festival moving into its fourth hour The Disliked were just the tonic to perk up the audience and recharge us for the final straight.

Closing the evening is arguably Luxembourg’s biggest musical export at the moment, Mutiny on The Bounty whose math rock powerhouse is always a joy to behold. Their tight intricate play and crashing sound was the perfect finish to the evening although this reviewer had to leave to catch the last train before they finished their set and certainly before the after party with Umi and DJ D-Mile’z.

What Stay Tuned managed to produce was another example of what a great close knit and hugely talented music scene there is in Luxembourg with everything from the acts to the running of the night. It just shows that music runs through the veins here as much as anywhere else and it’s good to see that Stay Tuned are ready to showcase it at any chance possible.

Kulturfabrik – 10.12.16


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