‘Magnetised’ Tom Odell delights Luxembourg

Tom Odell played his first show of the year on Sunday night and it was in Luxembourg, as he returned to den Atelier to the delight of the sold-out crowd.

Having thrilled audiences at Neimënster back in 2015 Tom Odell returned to the Grand Duchy armed with his new album “Wrong Crowd”. After launching onto the scene back in 2013 with his chart-topping debut album “Long Way Down”, Odell had kept fans waiting for a follow up until last summer.

Three years on and Odell is back with another album full of piano ballads and heartache, whilst finding room for a few extra dimensions. Those extras were evident the second the lights lit up the stage, revealing two drum kits sitting behind the grand piano which took up much of the Atelier stage.

Donning a grey suit Odell took to the piano and opened the evening with “Still Getting Used to Being on My Own”. His crisp vocals washed over the bittersweet sound of his soulful piano, before the band came crashing in with the two drum kits, bass, and guitar adding the layers and verve to a sound which can’t be found on his record.

He seemed to be adamant in making an immediate impression, as he followed it up with “I Know” another barnstorming rendition which wouldn’t have felt out of place closing the night.


Throughout the evening Odell moved around the stage, even jumping down into the pit to hold the hands of his adoring fans, but no matter how affable his chat about his trousers being too short are, he doesn’t come across as a natural frontman.

His natural habitat seems to be behind the piano, where he looks most confident and comfortable and where he proves he is more than just another pop star but a real musician that knows his craft.

With a soulful rendition of the title track “Wrong Crowd” he once more showed his progression as an artist, whilst still harking back to his powerful piano melodies that have served him so well thus far in his career.

Although his new album isn’t even a year old yet Odell tested a new song on his fans, with “Valium” or “Come and Gone” (title yet to be decided). Whilst the solo performance didn’t initially sound like it moved far from his safe ground, you could hear a pin drop as his fans lapped up every second of it.

Whilst the numerous couples enjoyed the new song it was “Another Love” that had them all embracing and swaying side to side as they sang their hearts out. This is Odell at his heart wrenching best, where his songwriting connects and why he won an Ivor Novello award for best songwriter back in 2014.

The encore was mostly reserved for debut album tracks like “Till I Lost” and the ballad “Grow Old With Me”, before finishing up on his euphoric pop single “Magnetised”, which he must’ve thought was a sure fire hit when released.

Here’s hoping that Odell can show more conviction on the next record and really push his sound and his fans into new territory. He is clearly exceptionally talented but some of it seems to be watered down to appease either his label or radio.

den Atelier – 12.02.17

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