A healthy dose of seductive nostalgia from Hush Moss

Berlin based Hush Moss took us back to a time of pastel coloured suits and disco balls at de Gudde Wëllen on Thursday night.

Hush Moss is the brainchild of Eden Leshem, a 23-year-old Israeli living in Berlin. His blend of 70s funk and soul have hit the right notes with all the tastemakers over the last year, which helped him build up plenty of hype around the release of his debut album “It Takes A Lot”.

Taking to the stage in a rag tag array of clothes from dungarees to tracksuit tops and no shoes they visually look to take their aesthetic from a more 80s vibe whilst their sound is certainly leaning heavily on the 70s funk and soul. As the four-piece band including drums, keyboard, bass and saxophone kept themselves to the stage, frontman Leshem barely set foot on it all evening, preferring the venue floor as his stage, swaying and swooning across the room, fully immersed in the songs whilst delivering some silky smooth vocals.


It took a few songs before the crowd loosened up and finally found their own dancing shoes but once they got going they couldn’t stop as the super smooth funk bass and sax were ever present with their nuanced and textural grooves finding that inner beat amongst us all. However, the floor still belonged to Leshem’s as he continued to shuffle around and duck and dive as the beat swayed from suave revivalist grooves to shimmers of R&B.

These nostalgic peddling seductive R&B songs with the smooth delivery from Leshem evoked the sounds of Stevie Wonder as well the slacker vibes of Mac Demarco which brought their sound right up to date.

Whether it be the synth soul ballads or the swooning funk, the songs gave you a warm comforting feeling, reminiscing for a time you longed-for but have never lived. It’s these strong nostalgic notions that seem to have hit a chord with so many, as they hark back to a time of pastel coloured suits and moustaches, before they were dedicated their own month.

Although last night Leshem was backed by his four-piece band, there is a collective of ten musicians that are on call and ready to play whenever available. Whilst the band felt like a tight cohesive group, they are constantly mixing up the lineup which keeps their stage show fresh and dynamic. Although I don’t need an excuse to see them live again, the idea that the energy on the stage and their approach to the songs might be different each time gives me another reason to search them out when they pass through next time.

de Gudde Wëllen – 15.12.16


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