Seafret, the acoustic duo who pack quite the emotional punch

English folk duo Seafret came to Luxembourg for the first time last night as they donned the Rotondes stage in front of an enthusiastic and welcoming crowd.

Consisting of singer Jack Sedman and guitarist Harry Draper, Seafret have come a long way in a short space of time since meeting each other at an open mic night a few years ago. On that fateful night Draper’s dad recognised Sedman’s vocals would suit his sons style of guitar playing and so the duo was born. Since then they’ve gone on to sell out shows across the UK as well as moving away from their home town of Bridlington in the North of England to London which was the catalyst for their hit single “Oceans”.

Walking onto the Rotondes stage with beaming smiles and a warm reception from the crowd it was clear there is a real bond already between the band and their fans. Opening with “Breathe” the duo demonstrated their seamless chemistry between one another with Sedman’s rich vocals tones soaring above the intricate guitar playing of Draper.


It’s this interplay between the two that sets them apart from their contemporaries as there is a sincerity and mutual respect between them, whilst still managing to keep a light playful mood within the room which was probably as much to do with Sedman’s between-songs-chat.

With the band still early in their career there is a real sense of momentum building and if they can continue to produce songs like “Atlantis” which drew cheers from the crowd the second the first note was played they’ll be onto to bigger venues than Rotondes soon enough.

The sparse simplicity of the intricate guitar picking and rich emotive lyrics are what creates the emotional response from the crowd. Even when Draper moved to the keys and electric on “Sinking Ship” and “Explosion” respectively, they still managed to keep the intimacy in the room whilst upping the tempo.

With this quiet intimacy, many in the crowd closed their eyes and sang the lyrics to themselves, becoming fully immersed in the performance. If they were looking forward to learning new lyrics then they didn’t have to wait long as they played their new single “Blank You Out” which didn’t stray too far from that winning formula of their debut album, which will come as a welcome relief to some of their loyal fans.

With new music comes more tours and Sedman might have eluded to a possible support with Bon Iver early next year as he mentioned they’ll be back to Luxembourg soon, only to ask if anyone is going to the Bon Iver show as they’ll be going too. This may be be adding 1 + 1 and getting 5 but it wouldn’t be too outrageous to imagine.

Anyway, with songs as strong as “Oceans” and “Be There” to finish off a set, they should be aiming for support tours of that magnitude as they already look to have a devoted fan base that are willing to sing along and gaze adoringly at their new found musical idols. With a second album on the horizon we can only wait and see what awaits this musical duo who have the potential to to move on upwards to greater heights.

Rotondes – 24.11.16


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