Sonic Visions returns this weekend

The ever wonderful Sonic Visions Music Conference returns to Luxembourg this weekend bringing with it international acts from the likes of The Lumineers, Jake Bugg, Eivør and NAO as well as some of the best local acts around with Rome, No Metal In This Battle, Aamar, Josh Oudendijk and Napoleon Gold.


Along with the music there is the conferance where last year more than 300 music professionals, artists and musicians from all over Europe met and shared ideas & inspiration during the 3 days conference.

The 2016 edition awaits you with a series of hands-on workshops, theme-oriented panels with high-profile speakers and a bunch of networking opportunities where artists and professionals can find the information they need to push their project further. The topics, which are mostly treated from a DIY and artist point of view, will focus on creativity, technology, popular music education, digital media, sync & advertising opportunities for musicians or the live music markets in Germany, France and Belgium, to name but a few. As Rockhal and Rocklab are working in several networks on a European level, the conference will see a lot of high profile international music professionals come to Luxembourg once more.

Some highlights over the weekend include

Thursday – Rome – 21:30

Friday – No Metal In This Battle – 20:30

Saturday – Edsun – 21:00


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