A triumphant return to Luxembourg for Biffy Clyro

Scottish rockers Biffy Clyro returned to Rockhal once more on Saturday night as they continue to cement themselves as one of rock’s great live acts.

Now one of the biggest rock bands in the UK, Biffy took many years of hard graft to get where they are. Their initial post hardcore sound won them a devoted and loyal fanbase but not enough to break them into the mainstream, but without too many compromises they’ve managed to bring their original fans along with them on their journey to the top of the charts with their latest record “Ellipsis” landing top spot in a number of countries across Europe.

Having taken 2015 off to recuperate and record the new album, it’s been a busy year for the band headlining festivals and playing some of their biggest headline shows to date. So it was with great excitement that they were greeted as they arrived to the Rockhal stage in their uniform of choice, stripped to their waist (or “taps aff” as they’d say in their native Scotland) sporting a plethora of tattoos, opening with “Wolves of Winter” which marries together their power chords and anthemic choruses to great effect.

With a band that can veer from radio friendly singles one moment to crunching post hardcore the next, Biffy keep you on your toes never knowing what’s around the corner, from the heavy riffs of “The Golden Rule” which leans on their early material to the acoustic numbers of “Re-Arrange” and “Medicine” which had the crowd slowly swaying side to side with their phones in the air.

However, the acoustic numbers were few and far between as Biffy, who have perfected their arena rock sound without sacrificing their unique quirks, kept changing things up with some irregular time signatures and chord progressions keeping the attention of all at the Rockhal.

As much as the power and energy that exuded from the stage for the heavier tracks such as “On A Bang” and “Wave Upon Wave Upon Wave” got the crowd bopping their heads and jumping up and down, it was the big singles of “Many of Horror” and “Mountains” where the crowd really found their voice.

They finished the set on the more subdued acoustic “Machines” after which there were chants of “BIFFY CLYRO” reverberating around the Rockhal during the encore before the band returned to send the crowd home happy with a trio of “The Captain”, “People” and “Stingin’ Belle”, proving once more they’re one of the top live acts around fusing together raw energy with catchy pop melodies with ease.

Rockhal – 5.11.16


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