Billy Talent still at full throttle.

Returning to Luxembourg for the first time in four years, Canadian punk rock outfit Billy Talent had the Rockhal jumping on Tuesday night.

With the recent release of their fifth studio album “Afraid of Heights”, Billy Talent proved they’re still one of the main flag bearers for the punk rock scene with the 4,500 strong crowd chanting all night long whilst frontman Benjamin Kowalewicz stated “we’re here to prove that rock still means something to people, because it is everything to us”.

Since the release of their self-titled debut in 2003, Billy Talent have cemented themselves as a generation-defining rock band. Boasting more than one million albums sold in Canada and nearly 3 million albums sold around the world, the band have seen multi-platinum certifications for their records as well as numerous No1s across Europe and of course in their native Canada.

Having not lost any of their explosive energy the band burst onto the stage with “Devil in a Midnight Mass” wearing their trademark black, white and red attire. With the rest of the band not moving far from their spot it was left to Kowalewicz to charge around the stage like a tornado whipping up the crowd wherever he went. His barnstorming energy never let up all evening as they tore through much of the new album whilst leaning heavily on their two biggest albums Billy Talent II & III.


The stomping “Rusted from the Rain” and “Leave Them All Behind” took them down the heavier route whilst Kowalewicz asked the crowd to all raise their middle finger in the air as he dedicated “Kingdom of Zod” to the “homophobic, narcissistic, racist, misogynist liar, Donald Trump” with everyone more than willing to participate it had the crowd jumping around and even as the band drew the song to a close, chants of “F**k Trump” rang out around the Rockhal.

Kowalewicz also went onto to dedicate “White Sparrows” to Nick Alexander who used to work with the band, as well as all the others who were tragically killed at the Bataclan last year. The already poignant song took on a whole new meaning as it was delivered by an emotional Kowalewicz.

But the band were always going to leave the crowd on a high with the encore being filled with their mid 2000s classics “Try Honesty”, “Fallen Leaves” and their epic “Red Flag” which sent their legions of fans home after a triumphant end to a bumper holiday weekend.

Rockhal – 1.11.16


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