Fifth Harmony – Were they Worth It?

American pop group Fifth Harmony brought their 7/27 tour to Rockhal on Wednesday night as they continue to push to be the biggest girl group on the planet.

Formed on the second season of The X Factor USA in 2012, Fifth Harmony who all entered the competition as five individual performers found themselves being bunched together during the process to become one in a long list of manufactured groups in the shows history. This time however it looks to have worked as despite the fact that the girls finished third on that seasons show they have gone onto great success through album sales and streaming, notching up over two billion views for “Worth It” and “Work from Home”, cementing the group as one of the biggest girl bands around.

They arrived in Luxembourg at the tail end of their 7/27 world tour which started in June and has taken them over three continents, proving there is plenty of hard work required to be a success in the pop industry.

Taking to the stage in black leotards and a somewhat sparse stage production the five singers Ally Brooke, Camila Cabello, Normani Hamilton, Dinah-Jane Hansen and Lauren Jauregui had plenty of room to dance around the Club stage whilst the three-piece band were perched on the side almost as an afterthought. This was most likely because they would’ve been expected to play the bigger stage of the main hall but seeing that the tickets sold seemed to perfectly sell out the Club then best create a good atmosphere is the small venue than everyone rattle about in the big one.

The girls moved through their 21 song set playing almost every track they’ve recorded, with their vocals providing the real driving force of the the performance, proving that you don’t have to mime your songs to get a reaction from your adoring fans. And whilst some moments of their dance routines were choreographed the group looked to be independent of each other too at points, which only emphasised the similarities to act like All Saints and more recently Little Mix.

Their vocal harmonies worked well on the likes of “Miss Moving On” and “Sledgehammer” where the electro pop got the already vocal crowd screaming and singing away. They also have a number of clever pop songs with “Reflection” and “Boss” but “Not That Kind of Girl” which has clearly been influenced by Prince certainly stood out from the rest.

Like any pop group they also had their more introspective slow tracks as they sat on the stage riser at the back for “Write On Me” and the acoustic “Brave Honest Beautiful” where they pushed once more the idea that everyone is equal no matter their size, colour or religion, which is certainly an admirable message for their young impressionable fans.

They of course finished on their two smash hit singles “Worth It” and “Work from Home” which had every smartphone in the room out filming whist the young tweens throughout the crowd sang every word and even joined in with the dance routines before they left the venue to the waiting parents standing patiently outside as if their kids were coming back from their first summer camp.

Rockhal – 26.10.16


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