Daughter – Still doing the right thing

Sunday can sometimes be an odd night for a show but Daughter seem to fit the slot perfectly as they closed the weekend off in style at den Atelier with their dark brooding melodies.

Having released their second album “Not to Disappear” earlier this year, the London trio Daughter have built on their indie folk, dream-goth sound, returning with an altogether fuller edgier record whilst still maintaining the melancholic intimacy of the first.

Opening up proceeding on a lighter upbeat note was the indie pop of Dan Croll who threatened to breakthrough as a household name with his infectious debut single “From Nowhere” back in 2010. His rendition last night was a sparser acoustic affair most likely due to his stripped back set up with just guitar and keyboards flanking him. As well as some clever reworking of old material such as “Home” which took on a Fleet Foxes sound with the harmonies, there was plenty of new tracks getting an airing too. Having recently signed to Communion there looks to be a new album on the horizon for this still yet promising artist.

As Daughter took to the stage the lighting was as dark and foreboding as the music to come. They took up their position and barely moved from the spot all evening but this wasn’t a show of high energy stage props but of high intensity and emotion. Opening with the swirling and haunting beauty of “New Ways” they certainly set the tone for the evening. It’s impressive that with such delicate breathy vocals Elena Tonra can hold the attention of such a crowd and yet not get drowned out by the thundering drums or reverb heavy guitar at any point.

After driving through emotional renditions of new tracks like “How”, “Numbers” and “Alone / With You” of which the latter starts “I hate sleeping alone”, this gives you an idea of the atmosphere they create but yet it’s the sharper edge shown off on the heavier, more assertive versions of their older material from “Home” and “Youth” which feels bolstered and buoyed up by the bands newly discovered self-confidence. Even as they played the very first note of “Youth” the crowd cheered, resulting in the band laughing away at just how well the crowd knows the song, then Tonra was joined on harmony duties from the audience throughout the song, leaving her clearly moved, with the shy and endearing frontwoman smiling and quietly saying thank you.

By the time they hit the end of the set with “Shallows” and said it was their final song, there were boos and cries of “again, again, we want it again”. Unfortunately, however for this crowd there was to be only the encore left but they were treated to the band rocking out as heavy as they had all night with “Fossa”. Their sharper, grander sound is a perfect match for the bands dark brooding storytelling and this clear progression can only bode well for the future direction of the band as a whole.

den Atelier – 16.10.16


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