Hairspray and spandex at the ready for Steel Panther

Rockhal welcomed 80s hair metal parody act Steel Panther on Tuesday night as a sold out crowd partied like it was, well the 80s again.

Known for having the longest running weekly show on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip, Steel Panther had been thrilling crowds from the turn of the century at their local before touring the world took priority. Support slots with the band they parodied such as Guns N’ Roses, Mötley Crüe and Judas Priest helped to propel them from small club novelty act to the globe trotting act they are today.


With their attention to detail it was no surprise that the sold out crowd at Rockhal got into the spirit of things with plenty wearing full 80s style big wigs, spandex trousers and bandanas. Then as the band ran out on to the stage sporting leather trousers and waistcoats we were transported back to the 80s when metal ruled the world.

But this joke can only work if they sound like the real deal and that they do. Having played together since the late 90s they’re probably a tighter band than many of the metal acts back in their hay day. But this was as much a comedy show as anything else with plenty of hip thrusts to all the woman in the crowd along with period-piece misogyny and sexism at every opportunity, it certainly isn’t one for the easy offended.

With almost every song about groupies and drugs, they of course have a track called “Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World” as they continued to delve into the hedonistic sleaze of the day. Whilst the rest of the band took on the larger than life persona, bass player Lexxi Foxx took to his hairspray and hand held mirror between songs pruning himself whilst the industrial fan in front of him meant his long flowing locks were constantly in motion. But if that wasn’t 80s metal enough, then what show would be complete without a ten-minute guitar solo as Satchel ran through classic riffs from Sabbath to Deep Purple.

As they neared the end they invited all the woman on stage to join them for “17 Girls In A Row”, getting into the spirit of things they all jumped around the stage singing into the mic whilst of course sporting plenty of denim waistcoats and tight neon pink tops of their own. If you’re up for letting loose and taking it all at face value it’s lots of fun, just don’t come to the show and try look any deeper than that, as it’s all about partying, shredding some riffs and screaming out some comic lyrics, hair metal style.


With a new album set for release early next year I’m sure we can imagine more of the same, but how much longer can this go? Well The Darkness initially called it a day after two albums but they wanted to be taken seriously. As for Steel Panther, they look set to continue down the road of the outrageous and as long as their shows continue to be 80s nostalgia parties to their fans, then I’m sure they’ll continue to sell out for a long time to come.

Rockhal – 11.10.16


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