Arresting visuals top off a night of soulful electro from Moderat

Following the release of their third studio album, the aptly named ‘III’, German electronic heavyweights Moderat returned to Luxembourg on Sunday night, exhibiting the final chapter of their trilogy in a thrilling live show.

Since 2002, the Berlin-based trio have worked on the collaborative ‘Moderat’ project, fusing Modeselektor’s experimental techno origins with Apparat’s electronic pop, producing some of the most soulful tracks to grace the dance scene in recent years.

Six years on from their first studio album, the trilogy is now complete, so they’re out on tour to showcase it in all its glory. They opened the show with the pulsating and haunting sounds of “Ghostmother”, which is the perfect example of the colliding worlds of Modeselektor and Apparat in one song, as the heavy bass blended with the smooth vocals to create the warm electronic glow.


Along with the perfectly clear sound, the light show set up a hypnotic and visually arresting set, making the use of plenty of backlights on the screen, leaving the trio on stage to come across as mere silhouettes dancing on the spot as they hit their drum pads and tweaked away all evening long.

It took a while for the crowd to loosen up but by the time they dropped “Running” with its euphoric vocals the crowd were shuffling about the packed Rockhal. With the heavy use of drum machines and the soaring vocals it was hard not to be caught up on the wave of the pulsating dubstep.


With the early part of the set building from an ambient shoegaze to a trancey club sound they seemed to tease those wanting the full on club night. As the evening progressed the heavier tracks took hold but before that there was still plenty of time for the dub step inspired “Rusty Nails” which took us back a decade to the sounds of Burial’s debut with the dark brooding beats accompanied by the effective monochrome graphics and animations on the screen behind the trio, complimenting their aesthetic.

They finally gave way to the minimal ambient tracks and kicked it up a notch with “Animal Trails” as the audience found their groove dancing away with the visuals accompanying the thumping electro beats.

With an act full of classic dub and electro you would normally want it to fall on a Friday or Saturday but with Moderat you have enough of the ambient minimal tracks with the soulful vocals going along that they can pull off a school night no problem. Their blend of styles is what kept it interesting, just undulating the set, pulsating with twitches and soul allowing everyone to go home a little sweatier but all with wide smiles on their face as if they’d been wrapped in a warm blanket of electro bliss.

Rockhal – 02.09.16


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