Walking On Cars – drove up with hook laden choruses to den Atelier

Irish indie pop band delighted a sold out crowd at den Atelier on Thursday night with their soaring choruses and heartfelt lyrics.

The latest in a long line of musical talent to come out of Ireland, Walking On Cars look set to continue their rise to fame as the five school friends look to build on the success of their debut album “Everything This Way” which went straight in at No1 in the Irish charts. However, it’s the their single “Speeding Cars” which I presume is the reason so many were there last night with the single receiving plays of more than 30 million on Spotify and landing in the top 20 in numerous European countries.

As the band made their way to the stage there were exuberant screams from the audience with hopeful expectation from their new heartfelt indie pop heroes. Taking clear influences from the likes of Coldplay and Snow Patrol, Walking On Cars follow a path well trodden, as they have honed the soaring hook laden choruses which offer up no surprises but plenty of chances for the crowd to sing along.

It didn’t take long for the crowd to get involved as they were clapping along and swaying to “Two Stones” before the whole room began singing “Hallelujah” back to the band, creating that warm concert vibe as everyone in the room became one.

However, the highlight of the set was “Always Be With You” which ebbed and flowed and took on a different structure to the rest of the songs providing a good change in tempo and energy. But it’s the big sweeping choruses that get the crowd going and “Don’t Mind Me” was no different getting everyone swaying their arms from side to side whilst being swept up in the charismatic charm of frontman Patrick Sheehy, who after touring with the likes of James Bay has all the experience to control the crowd how he likes.

After the encore Sheehy came back to the stage on his own to play “Coming My Way” from their debut EP, with just himself playing keys along with his haunting vocals there was a hushed silence through the crowd as they listened intently. After the solo ballad there was only one way to finish, on their big single “Speeding Cars” which once more had the crowd reaching for their phones and couples embracing each other as they sang their hearts out. It was a rousing finish to a set which didn’t veer too far from their winning formula all night, which became all a bit too generic but hopefully on their next record there will be a few more risks taken as we’ve heard this all before.

den Atelier – 22.09.16


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