Glittersberg + Edsun prove there are plenty of innovative and exciting bands right here on our doorstep.

With Congés Annnulés coming into its final days the last “We Have Bands” evening took place last night, which showcases the best of contemporary Luxembourgish music, and last night it was the turn of Glittersberg and Edsun.

Initiated by M&R Rockhal to compose a piece for the 24 Heures Electroniques event last year, Glittersberg – who consist of electronic producer Sun Glitters and classically trained cellist Lisa Berg – brought together an amalgamation of their two genres with such success that they have continued with the project with some stunning results.

Last night’s show in Rotondes’ big room, with its half-moon seating arrangement allowed the audience to sit down, relax and enjoy Glittersberg’s blend of minimal electro beats interchanging with the cello as it meandered its way through the groove bringing with it its own element. This collaboration continues to evolve into one of the most innovative and exciting projects around, and whilst there might not be a stage show as such from the artists, it’s left to the projected visuals on the big screen behind to provide the imagery to take you into your own dreamlike state.

Another local act making a name for himself recently is Edsun, a former dance student of the Conservatoire of Luxembourg, who brought all aspects of his artistic force to the stage last night. With his passion for dance it shouldn’t have been much of a surprise just how much it has influenced his music and stage show, as it was as much a contemporary dance piece as a smooth R&B show.

With carefully choreographed dance routines along with two other dancers his music pulsated and shifted tempo from smooth R&B to edgy melancholic pop, along with some driving bass hooks, it had plenty to keep you intrigued throughout.

Having seen a couple of videos of Edsun prior to the show I had my expectations however I was pleasantly surprised how well he managed to pull it off live. It’s one thing bringing together a visual display on video when you have plenty of time but it’s another all together to bring it together live.

With such an immersive stage show there looked to be no detail left to chance, which was a pleasure in itself. From the dancer’s clothes to the subtle lighting of the three other band members, it felt that everything had been thoroughly thought through and without feeling sterile it was pulled together for a stirring provocative performance.

After last night’s show I think we can add Edsun to an already growing plethora of exciting musical talent coming out of Luxembourg at the moment. Now all we have to do is support what is on our doorstep and hope they get the chance to flourish beyond our borders.

Rotondes – 22.08.16


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