Weekend highlights

July 29: Mutiny On The Bounty, Rotondes, 9pm
Opening this years Congés Annulés festival are local math rock favourites Mutiny on The Bounty with support from NAH who bring their own off-kilter electro elements with heavily manipulated samples.

July 29: Feet, Rocas, 9pm
Young indie garage rock band from Coventry come to Luxembourg on their first European tour as they look to build on early support from radio and media.


July 30: Greg Haines + Pascal Schumacher meets Maxime Delpierre, Rotondes, 8pm
English composer and musician Greg Haines will take you through unknown territories between heavy delays, tape saturations and dub influenced sounds as he delves into modern classical and traditional compositions.

July 31: Little Eye, Casino2000, 9pm
Scottish pop rockers Little Eye are a band on a mission to be the biggest act on the planet and having supported the likes of Red Hot Chilli Peppers and The Specials they’re going about it the right way.


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