The infinite charm of Mac DeMarco

Mac DeMarco made a triumphant return to Luxembourg on Wednesday and delighted the Rockhal crowd with a night of unadulterated joy.

His last appearance in Luxembourg was at Exit07 back in 2013, since then DeMarco has released two critically acclaimed albums and moved on from the lo-fi rock sound to a more polished and accomplished psych pop groove winning him legions of fans around the globe as the poster child of the slacker rock movement.

First up last night was Australian Alex Cameron and as he called him his business partner Roy Molloy on saxophone. Cameron came out wearing a striking silver velvet suit and serenaded us to some programmed beats and synths giving the revitalised 80s sound a nice twist as he waltzed around the stage pulling off some stellar power poses. His dry humour between songs just added an extra element which took us into stand up comedy territory, winning over anyone not so sure about the whole 80s revival.

After a truly enjoyable and amusing set from Cameron, DeMarco and band walked onto the stage along with new bassist Rory McCarthy sporting a fine dress to the comical The Bollock Brothers “Harley David (Son of a Bitch)” song accompanied by images of Kelsey Grammer on the screen above their heads, both of which sum them up quite perfectly and reaffirms this is not a band who take themselves too seriously.


As laidback as his last two albums have been, the songs seem to have taken on a more urgent feel live, maybe this is to add more excitement and energy to the live show but whatever the reason it worked as the jangly guitars and woozy vocals on “The way you Love Her” and “Salad Days” whipped up the crowd into joyous raptures creating a party atmosphere in the room.

With plenty of energy perpetrating throughout the crowd it took to “Another One” to take it down a bit with much of the audience bringing out their lighters and swaying away, even on the down tempo moments they wanted to get involved.

The instrumental of Steely Dan’s “Reelin’ in the Years” took the show into Spinal Tap territory with both guitarists and bassist playing their instruments behind their heads, there are few shows you see people bent double with laughter but last night was one of them, as DeMarco’s infinite charm of this happy-go-lucky, slacker-rock persona managed to convey an intimate and relatable affair for the audience.

Keeping it upbeat, “Freaking out the Neighbourhood” had the jangly guitars and woozy vocals prevalent as usual with DeMarco bringing Molloy from the support back onto stage and asked the audience to help him crowd surf, to which a sea of hands went up and kept him afloat whilst a others in the crowd decided to join in.

Finishing on the relatively slow “Chamber of Reflection” and “Still Together”, the band were joined by Cameron and Molloy as new bass player McCarthy began to thank the band for the tour which then descended into them all hugging and chatting on stage before a theatrical moment saw a few of them collapsing to the floor, no doubt this is a fun tour to be part of, it was certainly a fun one to to witness.

Rockhal – 13.07.16


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