Simple Plan – Still full of high-octane energy after all these years

It’s less than a year since French-Canadian band Simple Plan sold out den Atelier, so with the release of their new album in February they made their way back to the A on Thursday night to play to a hot and sweaty crowd once more.

With the release of their fifth studio album “Taking One for the Team” Simple Plan prove they have the staying power that few of the pop-punk acts of the 00s possess. It’s now over 12 years since their biggest record “Still Not Getting Any…” but it’s clear by the audience that their songs are enduring hits and as much as the crowd is made up of people who were in their teens a decade ago, their music clearly still resonates with the teens of today, as there were plenty in the audience too.

Supporting them on much of their European tour is Roam from England who possess all the energy and enthusiasm you expect from a pop-punk band. Even if a slow number showed up their vocals to be patchy at best, they managed to win over the audience with their stage craft and by the end were conducting the crowd into mass swaying of the arms and even a very civilised mosh pit, they clearly left the stage with a whole host of new fans.

With the audience suitably warmed up Simple Plan took to the stage. Gone are the ¾ length shorts and spiky hair of the day, now they are all in full length trousers and wearing black t-shirts but that was in no way a reflection of their demeanour. They kicked off with the high energy “Opinion Overload” from the new album which showcases the powerful drums and guitar riffs their fans have come to expect and it never really let up all night.

Their knack of still producing big singles was apparent, as all it took was the simple riff from the intro on “Jet Lag” to send the crowd into raptures. Though it was “Jump” that really got the required effect with the first mass jump around.

With an audience who have been with the band for over a decade now, there was a real sense of nostalgia as they delved into the earlier material, with friends singing every word to each other as much as they were to the band. Their fine voices filling Atelier on “Welcome to My Life” with phones aloft and swaying in unison.

As if people weren’t already dancing enough they found some time for a surreal stage invasion from the first band of the night The Bottom Line who were in fancy dress which included a giraffe outfit for a medley of “uptown Funk” & “Can’t Feel My Face”

The encore leaned heavily on the second album with “Shut Up”, “Perfect World” & the rock ballad “Perfect” which saw lead singer Pierre Bouvier take to the acoustic guitar as the rest of the band disappeared into the background to play one of the few tender moments before the band return for the chorus, bursting into high octane energy one final time. At this point Bouvier made his way to the balcony being accosted by plenty of woman on his way. For a band who are so close to their fans it was a fitting way to end, with Bouvier in amongst them.

Having only just released their new album I’m sure Simple Plan will be back in Luxembourg again shortly, so if pop-punk is your thing and you missed them, then make sure you see them next time round.


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