Platonick Dive – A night of sun drenched electro and arresting post rock

Wednesday night saw de Gudde Wëllen welcome Italian post rock / electronic 3 piece Platonick Dive to Luxembourg for the first time.

Having shared the stage with the likes of Jon Hopkins, Four Tet & Efterklang you get an idea where Platonick Dive would sit in your record collection. With the release of their second album “Overflow” the band are already pushing the boundaries of where their sound can go, progressing from the more ambient electro first album to a harder post rock edge on this release.

Support last night came from Luxembourg’s own chillwave musician Sun Glitters who has been flying the flag for Luxembourg in the electro scene for a good few years now. Seeing that he pulls quite the crowd on his own, it was of no surprise that it was already busy for his arrival.

As soon as he started you are hit by how much heavier his sound is live than on record, with the bass reverberated through the venue and shaking you to your core, this was certainly a bad night to forget earplugs. The warm synths mixed with stuttering beats, punctuated by choppy samples took you from a hypnotic trance one minute to alert clarity the next. With the change in tempo he managed to keep the intrigue in a set which could quite easily have drifted away in a wash of ambient glow, which in itself is no bad way to spend a night.

As the show started a bit later than scheduled, due to some technical issues at soundcheck there was not a minute wasted before Platonick Dive took to the stage. Their warm electro built an ambient atmosphere from the start with the drums perpetrating through and synths which before long took their sound up a notch creating visual soundscapes, building up to a wall of sound reminiscent of a “Godspeed You! Black Emperor” crescendo.

Their blend of experimental electro with post rock live instrumentation gave the show more urgency and energy, with the drummer barely able to contain himself frequently jumping from his drum stool to clatter the skins in explosive bursts.

This energy emanated to the crowd as their effortless marriage of vocal samples and driving guitar had the audience swaying along, before once more the driving riffs had heads bobbing to some more classic post rock soundscapes.

It was quite an impressive wall of sound the three piece created. With the building of layers, including samples they managed to create a cacophony of noise that blended into a kaleidoscope of sun drenched electro before knocking you back with their sheer power.

With this knack of creating such epic sounds through a mix of genres it will be interesting to see what direction Platonick Dive take on their next record but no matter what, I’ll be keeping my eyes out for them in the future.

13.4.16 – de Gudde Wëllen


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