Grande amore for Il Volo at Rockhal

Young Italian pop and opera favourites Il Volo came to Rockhal on Friday night and thrilled a capacity crowd.

Self described popera (operatic pop) act, Il Volo have had quite the journey over the last six years since meeting as teens on an Italian televised singing contest. They initially sang as solo artists but it didn’t take long for the creator of the show to see their potential as a trio, in similar fashion to The Three Tenors.

This early experience of televised competition would serve them well as in 2015 they represented Italy in the Eurovision song contest with the song “Grande amore”, finishing in a very respectable third place, having won the people’s televote on the night.

With an orchestra and band on stage, Il Volo came prepared to produce a spectacle and that they did, as Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto & Gianluca Ginoble appeared one by one from the back of the stage, the polite applause turned into screams of excitement. It turns out they have some quite fanatical fans, capable of making enough noise to take on any of the young popstars audiences.

It didn’t take them long to get into the classics such as “Nel blu depinto di blu (Volare)“ which instantly had people swaying in their seats and even throwing the odd arm up in the air in sheer excitement. As the night went on they rotated the line up, each taking on their own solo as well as a couple of duets.

With such a large Italian population in Luxembourg it came as no surprise that when asked what language to talk in there were cries of “Italiano!”. There were even some Italian flags in the audience, so they proceeded to chat all evening in their native tongue and from the crowd’s reaction they are apparently quite the comedians. They clearly have a great bond with each other and their personality came through even if I had no idea what they were saying.

With each song came soaring choruses and full rich vocals, none more so than on “Il Mondo” which had much of the audience scrambling for their phones, some even found it appropriate to film half the show on an iPad, I’m just glad I wasn’t behind them.

One of the highlights of the night was Piero’s solo performance of “E lucevan le stelle” which emphasised just what incredible control and power he holds over his vocals, it was a real hair tingling moment which reminded you that although they joke around with each other on stage and throw in the odd light-hearted cover they are exceptionally talented singers. By the time he was finished the audience were on their feet in rapturous applause.

As well as songs in Italian & Spanish there were covers of Sinatra’s “My Way” & Barbra Streisand’s “Memory” but as the show neared its end, Piero made his way into the middle of the crowd and stood on a chair to belt out “O Sole Mio”. This lured much of the crowd near by to run up and try and take a photo. All except one woman who thought this was her chance to take to the stage and hand a bouquet of roses to Gianluca, she chose her moment well.

They would finish on their Eurovision hit “Grande amore” which had grown women literally screeching with delight as they ran towards the stage, to get up close to their idols for the last time. With its rousing chorus it’s no surprise it won the people’s vote at Eurovision, I suppose if there is a mark of a good song then seeing an elated audience make their way home humming and whistling must be it.

27.05.16 – Rockhal


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