David Duchovny – The music is out there

Rockhal welcomed an extra special visitor on Sunday night, one who had travelled long and far and goes by the name David Duchovny.

Better known as agent Mulder from the X files, Duchovny, arrived at his new calling as a singer-songwriter later on in life, having only taken up guitar a few years ago. He describes himself as a dilettante, playing music he enjoys – if we like it great, if not it’s fine by him too.

Duchovny might not be the first actor to go down the musician route and he won’t be the last, but he is certainly one of the more surprising actors to stand behind the mic in recent times.

Having found his backing band and production team in Brooklyn based band “Weather”, Duchovny has a stabilizing musical force which allows him to express himself with freedom. Much of the set was from his “Hell or Highwater” album which stumbles along to a Tom Petty inspired country aesthetic, with a dose of Americana for good measure.

Although his vocals might not hold up to most and hitting many notes seemed problematic, he brushed it all off with an air of calm. Maybe it was the willingness from the crowd to see agent Mulder succeed or just the vibe an actor can pull off but after a while the vocals didn’t seem to matter too much.

Throughout the show Duchovny talked to the crowd, mainly to get French translations for each song but he looked comfortable up on stage. He even delved into some covers having acknowledged that many of the audience wont have heard much of his record. His rendition of Bowie’s “Stay”, with its funk groove and delivery suited his vocals. However, they weren’t all quite as successful, like the reggae infused “Hotline Bling” from Drake, where he was at his self-deprecating best, laughing off forgetting lyrics.

As well as covers, he played a couple of new tracks he has already written for his second album, which he is looking to record later in the year.

After that it was back to the covers with Duchovny taking on the intro of Tom Petty’s “Square One” alone with just the acoustic guitar, before the band kicked in. With no band, there was no hiding any mistakes. He joked after “maybe I should leave it to the professionals”, well the acoustic might be one leap too far at the moment.

Their Sly & The Family Stone cover of “Thank You” saw Duchovny invite some of the crowd onto the stage to dance with him as they continued the laidback vibe. At well over 1hr 40mins he could have done with keeping it a shorter, tighter set but with plans to go back into the studio Duchovny is clearly enjoying this new creative outlet and with a busy Rockhal last night, people were certainly intrigued to see what he has to offer. Will the intrigue continue? Only time will tell.

8.05.16 – Rockhal


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