Charlie Puth – A pop star has risen

Thursday night saw one of America’s newest popstars come to Luxembourg for the first time, as 24-year-old New Jersey native Charlie Puth took to the den Atelier stage.

Puth launched onto the scene early last year with his retro infused debut single “Marvin Gaye” which hit the top spot in France, UK, Ireland and New Zealand. If that wasn’t enough for the budding young popstar, only one month later he was to co-write, produce and feature on the global super hit “See You Again” with Wiz Khalifa which went number one in 26 countries becoming the biggest selling song of 2015 with combined sales and track-equivalent streams of over 20million units. Not bad going for an artist who only a couple of months before nobody had heard of.

The success of “See You Again” helped propel Puth’s career into places he could previously only dream of. Another such act who must be dreaming of hits like that was last night’s support, Scottish pop powerhouse KLOE who has been making waves herself over the last year. Her explosive pop energy burst from the stage and awakened the crowd from the off, with the charisma and confidence she showed I’m sure it wont be too long before she is headlining venues like Atelier herself.

After being suitably warmed up the audience were already in fine voice, as the lights dimmed the sold out crowd began chanting CHARLIE CHARLIE CHARLIE. Puth made his way out onto the stage in a plain white t-shirt and ripped jeans and took his place on the piano stool, he played a few nice jazz fills just to get the feel of the piano before launching into one of his biggest hits, the retro infused R&B “Marvin Gaye”.

It was quite a statement for Puth to kick off with such a big hit and to be honest I suspected the excitement in the Atelier might fall a bit flat for a while after but little did I know that the crowd wasn’t just there for the hits, as each song passed the audience continued to sing their hearts out. However, the exuberance from the audience often meant we couldn’t hear anything Puth was trying to say between songs, as cries of “I love you” drowned out his voice.

With his three-piece band flanked either side of him they dropped in some jazz signatures to spice up the more conventional pop songs like “Left Right Left” and “My Gospel” before bringing down the tempo on “Up All Night” & “Then There’s You” as Puth perched on the piano stool looking out over his adoring fans, accompanied only by the acoustic guitar.

With just the one album out it was of no surprise the set was less than an hour long, but all was forgiven from the crowd as it’s clear he’s a very talented songwriter, producer and when you can get the reaction he did by just smiling and running your fingers through your hair you can play just about what you like. The night wouldn’t be complete without two of his biggest singles, “One Call Away” & “See You Later” which once more had the crowd singing along in harmony.

Puth’s music brought beaming smiles to the faces all over the venue, from the young kids to their parents, who seemed happy enough to take their children along. Shows like that won’t do him any harm as he continues to build on his rapidly growing fan base, who already can’t wait for his return.

26.05.16 – den Atelier


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