Beck – Still as fun and exciting as ever

With festival season upon us, Luxembourg gears up for its fair share of bands passing through and Beck is one such act. Rockhal hosted his first European show of the year last night and surprisingly his first ever in the Grand Duchy.

It has been 22 years since Beck became a reluctant spokesman for generation X with his surprise slacker-hit “Loser”. He was never comfortable being pigeonholed so early on in his career and as a result has continued to blur the lines of genres whilst blazing a path for others to follow.

Over recent years he has continued to push boundaries with laudably creative albums bringing together everything from electro rap, country, folk and alt rock and although his popularity may have dwindled a bit recently, 2014’s “Morning Phase” changed all that, drawing universal critical acclaim, winning three Grammys leading in turn to an encounter with who else but Kayne West.

He took to the stage sporting a fine fedora hat and looking as young as ever, then wasted no time in getting into the stomping “Devils Haircut”. It was good to see that over 20 years in the business and Beck has lost none of his enthusiasm or charisma, not to mention some of those dance moves. Backed by his 6-piece band, including electric guitars, synths and percussion, the sound was thunderously full and dynamic all evening.

The set ebbed and flowed through his albums from the acoustic delights of “Lost Cause”, “Blue Moon” & “Say Goodbye” which were expertly accompanied by the band, before delving back into high-octane “New Pollution” which had the crowd dancing along with Beck to some funk grooves.

There was an outing for “Dreams” which again shows he’s still sounding as fresh as ever, bringing with it a fun sense of swagger as he brought together his hip hop folk roots once more. Unfortunately for those hoping to hear more from the forthcoming album, there were no more teasers of what to expect but if “Dreams” is anything to go by, it will be worth the wait.

The encore brought the only mass sing along with his breakout hit “Loser” bringing the Rockhal crowd together as one to belt out the chorus before “Where it’s at” left the audience dancing away to his funk.

It seems that the success of “Morning Phase” has given Beck a new creative spark and with the new album coming later in the year, he shows no signs of slowing down just yet, which should come as welcome news to any music fan out there.

15.06.16 – Rockhal


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