Anastacia – Delighted a sold out Atelier on her greatest hits tour

Having headlined “Rock um Knuedler” last summer Anastacia proved she still has pulling power, packing the crowds into Place Guillaume II. So it was of no surprise that her gig at den Atelier on Thursday night had been sold out for quite some time.

Back in the early to mid 2000s you couldn’t turn on a radio without hearing one of her many hits, with “Left Outside Alone” becoming one of the biggest songs in Europe in 2004.

As fruitful a time as it was for the singer professionally, she would go through two bouts of cancer, successfully fighting off the second one in 2013 and returning once more with the aptly titled album “Resurrection”.

Now 16 years on from her debut album she has embarked on her first greatest hits tour after the release of her “Ultimate Collection” album at the end of last year.

Taking to the stage we knew it would be a hits filled set and she didn’t disappoint, though it was a cover of Christina Aguilera’s “Army of Me” that kicked off proceedings. The powerful rousing rendition set the tone for the night ahead.

It was on tracks such as “Paid My Dues” & “Not That Kind” where her vocals really came to the fore reminding us just why she burst onto our airwaves in the first place. She may not be to everyone’s liking and her chat between songs went from cringe pantomime patter to moments of genuine affection but at least she is not afraid to be herself. Laying out her humour and emotions to audiences each night, you can either like it or leave, which is to be admired.

With Anastacia’s health issues never far from her lyrics, she looked visibly emotional through “Heavy On My Heart” & “Stay” which includes the line “I’m not ready to go just yet”. After the song she wiped some tears from her eyes and paid tribute to the incredible Prince who had died just hours before the gig. She would later to go on and play a fitting and emotional cover of “Purple Rain”.

Of course it wouldn’t be a “best of” tour if she didn’t finish up with “I’m Outta Love” & Left Outside Alone” which both got the audience clapping and singing along before she brought two members of the audience up on stage to dance with her, and dance they did.

Whilst Anastacia has always been a fighter off the stage, she is clearly still one on it too, showing no signs of letting up any time soon. I suppose when you have a rapport with your fans like she does who can blame her.

21.04.16 – den Atelier


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