Mariah Carey – proves her diva credentials once more

It has been 13 years since the international superstar diva Mariah Carey last toured Europe but this time she included one special place for the first time, Luxembourg. Who would have thought after all these years, last night’s show at Rockhal was her first ever in the country?

There are few artists that can boast as many record sales as Mariah, selling in excess of 200 million, making her one of the highest selling female artists of all time. Success on that scale now guarantees you a money making Vegas residency later in your career, which Mariah is currently on a brake from as she takes to the road for this 25 date tour.

After waiting more than 20 years for Mariah to come to town the crowd had to wait an extra 50 minutes before Mariah’s voice appeared over the speakers “It was raining in London, they wouldn’t let me leave, give me ten minutes” thirty minutes later the lights dimmed to more than a few boos from a slightly disgruntled crowd but as soon as the music began, all was forgiven.

Mariah is clearly aware of her pop diva status and if turning up an 1hr and 20 minutes late wasn’t enough she was happy to poke fun at it herself, taking to the stage on a chaise longue lifted aloft by six muscle bound dancers in sequence jackets before launching into “Fantasy”, shouting “better late than never but I love you”.

After some recent barren years, you can be forgiven for forgetting just how many hit singles she has, including the ballads “My All” & the Jackson 5 cover “I’ll Be There” where she was joined on stage by Trey Lorenz who took over proceedings to do his own Michael Jackson cover “Rock With You” as Mariah disappeared for one of her many costume changes.

Halfway through the set she delved into her resurgent R&B years of the mid 00s with “Touch My Body” which saw a fan plucked from the crowd to receive a suggestive lapdance whilst blindfolded on a chair. All this before snippets of the sultry rhythms of “It’s Like That” & “Shake It Off”.

For her 1999 Oscar winning song “When You Believe” she duetted with a video of Whitney Houston, as two of the greatest pop vocalists in recent times were reunited once more. It’s here where Mariah’s famous vocal range came into its own, still managing to hit most of the notes all these years later.

She was to finish on the tearjerkers of “Hero”, “We Belong Together” & “Without You” which had couples embracing and swaying side to side as they sang every word to each other.

Seeing that it has taken Mariah this long to come back to Europe, it wouldn’t surprise me if this is her last full scale tour on these shores and although her finest years may be behind her, she will always be pop royalty.

26.3.16 Rockhal


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