Kodaline – Searing choruses and emotional ballads in abundance

Irish indie pop rockers Kodaline returned to Luxembourg on Friday night to play to a sold out crowd at den Atelier.

Since they burst onto the scene back in 2013 with their debut album “In A Perfect World” Kodaline have cemented themselves as one of the few marketable indie pop acts that can deliver enough melody to appease the casual listener whilst throwing in a good few hooks and choruses to catch the attention of the young adolescents.

After extensive tours following the success of their debut, the band wasted no time in getting back into the studio to record their second album “Coming Up for Air”. This produced another host of radio friendly tracks which found them once more back in the charts and notching up the airplay.

First up last night was Irish indie outfit All Tvvins who come with a fair bit of hype themselves, having already supported the likes of Pixies & Arcade Fire over the last year. Their electro tinged indie rock certainly hit the mark, getting swathes of the audience shuffling along. Their mix of melodic pop and effervescent riffs gave them an element of intrigue without being disjointed.

Kodaline arrived on the stage to rapturous applause and ecstatic screams from the audience. Their opener “Ready” didn’t pull any punches but then again that’s not what the band are about, it’s all about those hooks and sing along choruses and they have them in abundance.

“Way Back When” even threw in a good foot stomping beat to get the pace moving along nicely before a few shouts of “Luxembourg” from frontman Steve Garrigan got the obligatory cheer.

Garrigan’s falsetto vocals shone on “Lost” with the atmospheric synths enveloping his voice as the track built with the shifting of gears as it took on an electronic groove, something they moved towards on their new album.

The first note of “High Hopes” got the crowd screaming and brought about a scramble to ones’ pocket as a sea of camera phones appeared, all swaying in unison. Then the driving percussion and simple hook of “Honest” saw them delve into a grander, more complex sound which was a welcome change to proceedings.

Of course it’s fitting that they should end with the song that launched them to fame, the teary sing along “All I Want” had the crowd swaying and singing one last time.

Kodaline might have a few too many clichéd lyrics and far too many weepy choruses for some but it’s clear they connect to a huge demographic and when they can produce engaging performances like they did last night, they won’t be losing any of their fans in a hurry. On the other hand, they won’t be winning any new fans either if they fail to develop their sound further on their next album.

11/3/16 -Kodaline


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