Skunk Anansie – As electrifying and captivating as ever

Supporting the release of their sixth studio album “Anarchytecture”, Skunk Anansie pulled into Rockhal on Thursday night as part of their first European tour in three years.

A 90s favourite, Skunk Anansie decided to go their separate ways back in 2001 before reforming 8 years later. Since then they haven’t looked back, releasing three albums in the last six years with their latest “Anarchytecture” taking the band on a more electronic direction.

When some bands reunite you get that feeling that the spark has gone and it’s really just a pay cheque to them but that couldn’t be further from the truth with Skunk Anansie. When they took to the stage last night you’d be forgiven in thinking it was the 90s once more.

Frontwoman Skin bounded onto the stage in her black and blue jumpsuit and kicked straight into the fitting “Tear The Place Up”, from the off she got the crowd jumping around to their arresting punk rock. They barely let up throughout the night as they launched into “I Believe In You” with Skin covering every inch of the stage with her boundless energy, as her magnetic stage presence coerced the crowd into singing along all night.
The only moment they reined it back was on “Death to The Lovers” from the new album, a delicate yet emotionally charged rock ballad.

It didn’t take long before they were back at full throttle as Skin whipped the crowd into a frenzy once more before she launched herself into the audience, crowd surfing her way to the middle of the Rockhal whilst still blaring out “Twisted (Everyday Hurts)” with her powerful and sharp vocals as she had all night.

She capitalised on the fervent audience once more on “Weak” as this time she crawled onto the crowd before rising triumphantly to stand aloft. If this wasn’t already a fan favourite, having Skin sing it on top of the crowd soon made it one.

As well as the old hits, it was noticeable just how well received new tracks such as “Love Someone Else” & “Bullets” were. They may be lacking in the aggression of older hits but they certainly don’t lack the intensity and when they are delivered by a frontwoman as exceptional as Skin then it elevates everything coming off the stage.

They ended the set with the raucous climax of “Charlie Big Potato” mixing their love of heavy riffs and electro, which was a fitting finish to a full throttle evening.

The band retuned to the stage for the encore to announce that yesterday was the 22nd anniversary of the band, to which the crowd began to sing a suspect version of Happy Birthday.

Then they launched into three tracks from their first two albums, “100 Ways to Be A Good Girl”, “Hedonism” and where it all began, their first single back in 94 “Little Baby Swastikka”.

All of which still prove that 20 years on Skunk Anansie continue to be just as seductive and full of passion as ever, if they keep going with this intensity they will be drawing crowds back for many more years to come.

11/2/16 – Rockhal


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