Seed To Tree – One of the best local acts around

Rotondes has been the scene of many a new art instalment since its opening and Saturday night was no different. Local indie folk favourites Seed To Tree pulled out all the stops as they launched their second single from their debut album, with a video premier and concert.

Last year was a big year for the band who released their debut album to a packed Rockhal club before going on to play support slots with the likes of Starsailor & Villagers, as well as Hamburg’s Reeperbahn Festival and local music conference & festival Sonic Visions. So with a new year the band wasted no time in continuing on the good momentum they’d built, with the launch of a new single.

First up last night was German duo Bender & Schillinger who seemed to pack quite a punch for just two people. As well as both of them taking on vocal duties, drummer Linda Bender jumped between keyboard and acoustic guitar, even during the same song. Although they could be described as blues, there were more delicate folk numbers as well as grander almost Fleetwood Mac styled pop rock and all that coming from a duo was no mean feat.

By the time Seed To Tree took to the stage the venue had filled up nicely with the crowd stretching all the way back to the bar. Over the last couple of years they have cemented their place as one of the best local acts and it was clear to see they have the support to back that up.

With the galloping drums and mandolin they kicked off with “Now Is Forever” Which captivated the audience from the outset. The set was peppered with breezy indie folk licks, which got the crowd shuffling along and clapping like on “Dancing Alone”.

Although there were no signs of any new tracks, they used the electric guitar to great effect on their cover of Beirut’s “Elephant Gun” which is quite an accomplishment when there wasn’t a trumpet to be seen on stage.

The more meandering atmospheric sound of “Wandering” followed by “Future Friends” showed the band can shift tempo effortlessly whilst keeping the audience engaged. After the show came the video showcase for “Until It Gets Better” which was directed by Ben Andrews, who has directed videos for other local acts such as “Sun Glitters” & “Monophona”.

The theme follows the seedier (no pun intended) side of one man’s life who when not being a clown is dealing with his own darker issues, playing with the notion of light and dark, it compliments the song beautifully. The clown theme didn’t come as too much a surprise however as on arrival everyone was given a red nose, no stone was left unturned on the night.

After the video the band took to the stage once more, well not quite the stage but they came into the crowd and did the acoustic number “Broken Down “ from their EP “The Early Years”.

At this point egg shakers were handed out to the audience to participate. I must say I’m a bit of a sucker for a good foray into the crowd by a band and this was no different, it had the whole audience singing and clapping along.

They would finish their triumphant evening with the new single “Until It Gets Better”. With talk of the band heading back into the studio at the end of the year it’s sure to be exciting times ahead for the local indie folk favourites.

06/02/16 – Rotondes


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