David Bowie

A true inspiration to not just my own life, but to many people I hold dear. Like anyone growing up with an interest in music it didn’t take long before Bowie burst into my world with tracks like “Rebel Rebel”. This takes me back to dark sweaty clubs in Glasgow when I was a teenager, drinking Jack Daniel’s and coke, trying out my best rock moves for the first time in public.

My time at Art School is when my true Bowie awakening began, trawling through his back catalogue trying to find bootleg recordings, anything I could that I hadn’t heard before. He was shaping my art, my musical direction and not knowing it at the time but my life too.

I probably wouldn’t have had 6 years working in the music industry if it wasn’t for his music and the inspiration he and others like him gave me.

I remember being lucky enough to travel around a fair bit with music, one such tour took me to Berlin for a few days. Being a tour manager at the time I was looking after 5 musicians which is like babysitting at times. One morning however I had a meeting with a Berlin based label and as I walked the quite streets (It was a bank holiday) I listened to “Low” through my headphones, it was another Bowie awakening, every note resonating with the history of that great city in which it was recorded.

Even just last week I was talking about how fresh his new album is sounding and how no one else who has been going as long as him is producing anything noteworthy. We discussed why he was still putting out records after all these years, we came to the conclusion it’s because he knew he still had it in him, it’s as simple as that.

Now knowing he had been battling cancer for the last 18 months, he knew this would be his last chance to release another album. His latest song “Lazarus” couldn’t be more fitting, coming out just days before his death, the opening line “Look up here, I’m in heaven” seems so very poignant now.

Think it might take some time to digest this loss, but what is for sure he will never be forgotten.


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