Happy 25th anniversary Texas

Scottish band Texas have been celebrating their 25th anniversary this year and as they finished their European leg of their tour at Rockhal on Friday night there was certainly and sense of accomplishment in the air.

To celebrate their quarter century the band released a greatest hits album of sorts. They went into the studio with the renowned Truth and Soul production team who are the go to guys if you want your records to have that 60s-70s soul sound.

During these sessions they re-recorded all their old hits and with new arrangements brought a whole new lease of life to the tracks. They also added four new songs, their first since the 2013 album “The Conversation”, which peaked at No 4 in the UK charts.

Having sold in excess of 35 million records maybe I shouldn’t have been quite so surprised to see a queue stretching far back from the entrance on my arrival at the Rockhal.

Straight from the off frontwoman Sharleen Spiteri grabbed the attention of the crowd bounding out and encouraging the crowd to make some noise. It didn’t take long for them to mention they were celebrating their 25th year together to which the crowd dutifully serenaded the band in a rendition of Happy Birthday, this would not be the last time the crowd sang back to the band, to varying degrees of success.

This isn’t a band that rely on fancy backdrops or mesmerizing visuals to grab your attention, it’s all about the songs and Spiteri’s engaging stage presence.

Friday evening saw them delve into their back catalogue but it’s the hits that remind you just what a 90s mainstay they were. The likes of “Halo”, “Black Eyed Boy” & “Summer Son” were some of the most enduring singles of the decade and when delivered as they are by Spiteri’s velvet vocals they remind you why they were just so successful.

There was plenty of interaction too, with Spiteri telling stories of previous recording sessions and chats with Madonna, she even handed the mic over to one audience member to sing along, the woman declined to Spiteri’s bemusement. All of this just highlighted what a great frontwoman she is and how her charisma is key to the band’s success.

That charisma was no better exemplified than on “Say What You Want” when she choreographed the audience into a mass of swaying arms and a sing along. She challenged all the women to sing, before turning her attention to all the men in the crowd, which was not so successful, but her job was already done, she had the audience laughing and singing along and fully immersed in the evening throughout.

After an impressive 2 hour set I was wondering for how many more years they will be playing to crowds of that size. I suppose only time will tell on that one, but with the adulation from the crowd like it was, there is still clearly a demand for the band and if they keep producing new material the crowds will come back for more.


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