Weeks Highlights

Tonight Influential indie/art rockers TV On The Radio come to Luxembourg for the first time to play den Atelier. Their album ‘Return To Cookie Mountain’ became one of the benchmarks of the New York scene that was bursting with talent back in 2006. With contributors such as Nick Zinner, Trent Reznor and none other than David Bowie, they are hugely respected from their peers as well as their fans. They are one of the most influential bands of this generation and one not to miss.

Also tonight is Viet Cong, another in a long list of great bands to come out of Canada over recent years, Viet Cong will be playing Rotondes. They offer up an intriguing mix of sharp rhythms with shades of ‘Television’ & euphoric 60s garage pop melodies.

Thursday night sees American garage, punk two piece The Hussy come to Rotondes. Consisting of Bobby and Heather, the band have spent the last four years releasing a slew of singles, tapes and LPs. Their fourth LP “Expired Galore” (Southpaw Records) sees them continue with their unabashed, crude yet highly humorous and fun sound we’ve come to expect from them.


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