Weeks highlights

Monday night sees Damian Marley play den Atelier. Also known around the world as “Jr. Gong” and son of the legendary Bob Marley. Damian has worked assiduously to carve out his own niche in music and to add a new perspective to the Marley legacy for the 21st century. He continued on down the reggae road leaning more on the dancehall style with his biggest hit ‘Welcome To Jamrock’

Tuesday night blues rocker Gary Clark Jr. comes to den Atelier. With his soulful voice and dazzling guitar skills he has created quite an irresistible combo. His debut album, Blak And Blu, is a rocket ride from the Mississippi Delta of a century ago to rock and R&B, blues, soul, pop, psychedelia, punk and hip-hop are also in Clark’s expansive musical embrace and insatiable hunger for inspiration. Gary Clark Jr has captivated audiences from Coachella to Glastonbury in the past. Finally, he’s scheduled to delight his audience at den Atelier in Luxembourg as well.

On Wednesday night English singer/songwriter Tom Odell, together with his band, whom Tom credits with adding a heightened sense of power to the songs, will be playing an open air show on the grounds of Neumünster Abbey. His debut, Long Way Down, features his hit singles such as Another Love, Hold Me or Can’t Pretend. Tom Odell will captivate his audience at the Abbey!

For something altogether different at den Atelier on Wednesday night, Mexican duo Rodrigo y Gabriela bring their mix of Flamenco rumba and heavy metal all from two acoustic guitars. They are quite a site to behold, incredible guitarists mixing up genres at will. They’re frequently listed as as one of the best live acts around and I can’t argue with that. Rodrigo is a virtuoso in his lead guitarist role, although it is Gabriela’s playing that continues to define the sound, her rhythmic work combining tempestuous strumming with furious percussive attacks on her guitar’s body. The enormous density of their “flamenco metal” sound is fuelling this talented duo’s vibrancy.


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