Weeks highlights

Tonight Mancunian band The Slow Show bring their dynamic arrangements with northern colliery brass touches and a nod to Americana, Indie Folk-Rock to Rockhal. Their minimal but epic songs swell from gentle piano-led Americana to roaring choruses accompanied by string sections. The band have recently released their debut album to critical acclaim.

On Thursday French/Cuban twin sisters Lisa and Naomi Diaz better know as XL Records IBEYI play Rockhal. They combine their roots in Yoruba music with a heavy modern sound that’s been described as ‘doom soul’ with mesmerising results. An Ibeyi show is definitely a soulful and personal experience you shouldn’t miss!

Also on Thursday night Frank Turner plays den Atelier. He has been a solo artist for the last ten years and In that time, he has been on a constant upward curve, propelled forward by a mixture of Turner’s force of will and his effortless craft of song. Each record now brings with it new landmarks for the 32-year-old from Hampshire. With a new album coming out in the summer ‘Positive Songs for Negative People’ be sure to catch him on his latest tour.


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