Glass Animals – Exit07 17/3/15

After a triumphant UK tour out the way, which included a host of sold out shows including Shepherds Bush Empire, it really feels like Glass Animals are going to be the next British Indie (I use that term lightly) band on the cusp of breaking through in a big way. This coming 10 months after the release of their debut album, it all seems to have just been simmering under the radar till now. So with them arriving in Luxembourg to play Exit07 I felt it was time to see if the hype was to be believed.

As they emerge on stage I start to wonder how their precisely produced album will translate to the live experience, straight away it’s rawer, rougher round the edges, they seem to have more edge live, which is a pleasant surprise. Frontman Dave Bayley dances and weaves his way through interacting with the audience and pulling them in with his offbeat energetic moves. As the show continues it dawns on me that as much as ‘Gooey’ is their big hit and went down as well as you’d expect they have plenty of great tracks pulling you in with intrigue and making you all dance such as ‘Black Mambo’ with it’s dirty groove, which was always going to be a crowd pleaser. I suppose if there were any drawbacks it was the sound on ‘Cocoa Hooves’ which I was looking forward to but the guitar seemed to drown out everything else, just giving way to a real muddy sound not allowing anyone in the crowd to get into it. Other than that small blip to proceedings they started finishing up the show with a Kayne West cover of ‘Love Lockdown’ which you can clearly see Dave Bayley loves performing as he jumped onto of the speakers raising above the crowd singing to the very back. They then sent us home with the energetic ‘Pools’ leaving everyone in a high and hoping they will be back sooner rather than later.

Earlier in the evening Dave Bayley told the audience this is their first time in Luxembourg, well after seeing them live tonight lets hope for music fans of Luxembourg it wont be the last time. It’s was a suitably packed Exit07 tonight, I just wonder how long it will be till they have outgrown such a size of venue.




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