Seed To Tree – Rockhal 14/3/15

I’ve just got on the train to Esch and as I walk along the carriage I hear a familiar sound ahead, It’s Seed To Tree‘s single ‘Take My Hand’ being played out loud by a group of girls singing away word for word. I’ve not even left Luxembourg city yet and the anticipation has already begun. The band have been hard on the promotional trail over the last few weeks, doing sessions on all the local radio and TV stations as well as interviews on every note worthy publication, there really has been no stone unturned for the release of their debut album and when I arrive at Rockhal I think you can safely say job done. The venue is packed, and the excitement is palpable as the crowd greets one of Luxembourg’s most promising young bands.

As they take to the stage the band don’t look fazed by the large crowd but seem to thrive, maybe that’s where the experience of many a festival appearance comes in. Over the course of the evening they mix up the arrangement of songs even playing an acoustic version of their single ‘Take My Hand’ as well as bringing on a string and brass section throughout for many of the tracks, providing an extra element to the proceedings. They even have time to play tracks from their previously released EP to the delight of the crowd, as well as bringing together the support acts for one big sing song before the encore.

As the lights come on and the band get their picture taken on stage with the capacity Rockhal Club as their backdrop you can be sure they won’t forget this gig in a hurry. From start to finish they managed to hold the attention of the crowd with their mixture of folksy pop and to manage such a feat with the crowd having not heard many of the new tracks, takes some doing.



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