All We Are – Rockhal 3/3/15

It’s a cold wet Tuesday evening in Esch and Liverpool based All We Are look to bring a bit of light into our night. Their soulful groove, with interwinding vocals and slight psychedelic tinged guitar licks leaves ‘All We Are’ hard to pigeon hole, which can only be a good thing. They seem to glide between sub genres with eases, whilst at the same time keeping a coherent sound.

Although Liverpool based, they are in fact quite the multi national group, with Brazilian guitarist Luis providing the the benchmark of what to expect. He quietly make his way onto the stage laying down the atmospheric intro with his effects helped by an array of pedals in front of him. Then Irish drummer/vocals Rich and Norwegian Bassist/vocals Guro bring the rhythm and soul to the night. Guro’s quiet hypnotic dance moves just adds to the warm trance their sound can put you into live. Over the course of the evening the pace doesn’t waver, keeping the modest but captivated crowd entertained throughout whilst dropping in a very nice rendition of Caribou’s ‘I Can’t Do Without You’ which always goes down well with this reviewer.

This is ‘All We Are’s’ first headline tour of Europe but with already a host of impressive support tours and i’m sure a busy festival season ahead, they will surely return to Luxembourg with a larger following of their own next time.

All We Are - Rockhal 3/3/15


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