Weeks highlights

They are back, Toronto based duo Death From Above 1979 are continuing on their glorious comeback. It’s now over 10 years since their debut album ‘You’re a woman, I’m a machine’ was released to rave reviews. The band was to breakup just two short years later citing creative differences differences as one of many reasons for the split. They kept a cult following throughout the split and in 2011 announced new shows and material. Still as raw as ever their garage rock sound with pummelling riffs still delights all these years later. Den Atelier will be rocking this Monday night.

On Tuesday night Liverpudlians All We Are come to Rockhal. They describe their sound as “The Bee Gees on diazepam” I you can’t really argue with that. There are some slow grooves and psychedelic touches throughout, which should make for a head bopping, foot tapping evening.

If you’re looking for a big slice of that German 80’s new wave scene, which you should be, look no further than den Atelier this Friday with Nena and her 99 Luftballons or as I knew it, 99 Red Balloons.

What better way to end the weekend than with the soulful sounds of Curtis Harding at Exit07 this Sunday. Harding says that soul music, and his music, speak for themselves. It’s self-evident on the Atlanta artist’s debut, Soul Power. The driving sound of his electrified Stratocaster, the foot-stomping backbeat and the lyrics swimming in reverb — with something this flourishing, it’s almost reductive to just dig around the roots.


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