Weekend highlights

Toronto based trio Absolutely Free bring their well lauded show to Exit07 this Friday night. The group formulates musical experiments based on instrumentation, compositional structure and other formal qualities ubiquitous to popular rock music. Following years of touring and releasing albums with defunct art punk band DD/MM/YYYY, the members of Absolutely Free set out to create a more hypnotic, patient music that integrates analog electronics, African polyrhythms, psychedelia, Bollywood and Krautrock. Their debut album displays fragments of Phil Spector, Kraftwerk, Terry Riley, Gang of Four & modern neo-psychedelia.

Also on Friday night Irma will be delivering probably the most sensual R&B you’ve heard in a while at den Atelier. Cameroonian singer/songwriter Irma funded her debut album, Letter To The Lord, through the assistance of hundreds of fans impressed by several YouTube performances of her self-penned compositions. Influenced by the likes of Ben Harper, Michael Jackson, and Eric Clapton, its 12 English-language tracks stick to the acoustic soul sound that won her an army of admirers, as evident on the lead single, I Know. Her reputation as a most emotional live act is growing by the hour ever since. With her second album, Faces, she’s firmly aiming at an international breakthrough.

Finding their way through post rock and dark psychedelia, Leipzig based three-piece ensemble Warm Graves will be presenting their debut album ‘Ships Will Come’ at de Gudde Wëllen this saturday. With haunting vocals shouting their way through droning ambience only to be swallowed by the next reverberating wave, sliding on hypnotic grids with one song bleeding into the next, the band invites you to a dreamy yet tense adventure through space and time.

Now, the real aficionados are in for a once-in-a-lifetime experience this Saturday at den Atelier. On the Renegades of Rhythm Tour, turntablist supreme DJ Shadow and his fellow archivist/experimentalist Cut Chemist celebrate the legacy of hip hop vanguard and Universal Zulu Nation Founder Afrika Bambaataa. This is a VINYL-ONLY tour, honouring Afrika Bambaataa’s influence on hip hop by spinning his prodigious record collection as textbooks. DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist, a couple of forward-thinking cratediggers from the Bambaataa tradition have come together to pay tribute to the Godfather’s importance to the genre.


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