Weekend highlights

The Disliked

You will probably have seen the posters about town ‘The Disliked’ have a new album coming out and the party is this Friday at Kulturfabrik. From the looks of things they have been on the promotional tour of the radio and TV stations, so If you want to dance the night away to some ska/punk/rock then Kulturfabrik is the place for you this Friday.

Doors 20:30
Support – Riot reef + Corbi

Keston Cobblers Club

If you’re in need of a pick me up this Sunday you won’t get much better than Keston Cobblers Club. Over the last four years they’ve been busy selling out tours, doing sessions for the BBC, playing festivals, and travelling round the world playing music. Their upbeat folksy sounds with their rich fusion brass, ukulele, guitar, accordion and percussion can’t help but lift your soul.

Doors – 20:00
Show – 21:00

Die Antwoord

Then to the other end of the spectrum we have the rap trio Die Antwoord coming to Rockhal this Sunday. A conceptual living art project or a group of exquisitely weird misfits? Die Antwoord could be a number of things including but certainly not limited to: a gifted satirical rap group exposing the world to the post-apartheid slum culture of South Africa, a trio of white people trying to cash in on their racial confusion and unique brand of weirdness, or a band of musicians that doesn’t care what anyone thinks and create whatever they want. It is hard to define Die Antwoord, but one thing is clear: the group has released their new album “Donker Mag” in 2014 and will be performing an incredible live show at the Rockhal.

Doors – 19:00
Support – Surfing Leons
Show – 20:30


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