What’s on this week

Klaus Johann Grobe

Come to de Gudde Wëllen tomorrow and will be singing exclusively in German but don’t let that stop any of you who don’t know the lingo. Their infectious grooves will get everyone moving. Traces of electronic, funk and garage can be heard throughout.

Doors 20:00
Stage 21:00


Alvin & Lyle

From Luxembourg bring their dreamy, shoegaze indie/pop to Konrad’s this Saturday night. It will surely be one to leave you warm and craving those long summer evenings which feel a distant memory at the moment.

Doors 20:35


Paul Fox Collective

Usually performs in the form of a quintet with sax / guitar front line and rhythm section, the band is occasionally extended to include the wonderful vocalist Stephanie Neigel. Berlin-based saxophonist Markus Ehrlich convinces by his mature presence and sense of style. Guitarist Zacharias Zschenderlein always manages to provide floating sounds and sonic accents while Robert Kesternich on piano and Maurice Kuehn on bass endow the ensemble with a finely balanced foundation. They’ll be bringing their wonderfully balanced and high-quality European sonic Jazz experience to Neimënster for a lunch time event.

Doors 11:30am


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